”Kryptonite!” (Italy) and “Mi Vida Dentro” (Mexico) – 2 movie Today!


1) “Kryptonite!” (La Kryptonite nella Borsa) is a 2011 Italian comedy, directing debut of the Neapolitan writer, director, and screenwriter Ivan Cotroneo. The film will be projected on May 10th at YARAT Centre.

The film tells the story of a bizzare Italian family in Naples in 1973, a period characterized by great socio-cultural innovations.
The protagonist is Peppino, a seven-year-old boy, whose life will be marked by a series of tragi-comic events that will help him grow up…

The entrance will be free. First come, first served.



2) The Embassy of Mexico in Baku is pleased to invite you to the screening of the movie “Mi Vida Dentro” within the framework of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival on 10 May, 20:30 at the YARAT Centre. The movie will be screened in Spanish with English subtitles and the screening will be free of charge.

Description of the movie:
Rosa is a Mexican woman who, in 1999, at the age of 17, migrated ilegally to Austin, Texas. In January 2003, she was accused with suspicion of murder and then trialed in August 2005. Shewas found guilty and sentenced to 99 years in prison, but in Mi Vida Dentro, movie director Lucia Gaja examines the evidence and suggests that Rosa’s race and immigration status may have a great deal to do with the verdict and that an innocent woman has been convicted of a crime she did not commit.