Film festivalı çərçivəsində bugün 5 film təqdim ediləcək (Ödənişsiz)



Screening of “A Quiet Heart” (Israel)

An Israeli film “A Quiet Heart” will be screened in Quba and Baku within the framework of the Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival. Subtitles: Azerbaijani and English
Quba – 14 May at 16:00, ASAN Hayat Complex (Kino Club)
Baku – 16 May at 19:00, Park Cinema – Flame Towers

İsrailin “A Quiet Heart” (Sakit Ürək) filmi İmagine Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival çərçivəsində Bakı və Qubada nümayiş olunacaq. Altyazılar azərbaycan və ingilis dilində olacaq.
Quba – 14 May 16:00-da, ASAN Hayat Compleksi (Kino Club)
Bakı – 16 May 19:00-da, Park Cinema – Flame Towers

Description of the movie:
In present day Jerusalem, a city increasingly dominated by religious fanaticism, Naomi, a secular young woman seeks refuge from the pressure of her life as a concert pianist. Overwhelmed by the expectations of her parents and her colleagues in Tel Aviv, Naomi seeks anonymity and solitude in the ancient city. Despite her intentions to stay alone, however, Naomi quickly makes two unexpected connections- one with a musically gifted Ultra-Orthodox young boy who lives in her building and the other, with Fabrizio, a charismatic Italian monk and organist. While these relationships allow Naomi to reconnect with her love of music and sense of meaning, they also make her a target in her new community. Faced with escalating isolation and violence, Naomi must learn to use music as a bridge to overcome towering religious barriers.





Screening of “Paparuda” and “Rezilienta” (Moldova)

The Moldovan Embassy in Baku kindly invites you to the screening of the two short movies “Paparuda” and “Rezilienta” within the framework of the Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival. The movie will be screened on 16 May, 19:00 at YARAT Centre, in Romanian with English subtitles. Entrance is free.





Screening of “Republican Women Daring to Change” (Switzerland)

The Embassy of Switzerland is pleased to announce the screening of the documentary film “Republican Women Daring to Change”. This documentary is about the importance of women in the history of Azerbaijan and will be shown as part of the IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival at YARAT Centre at 20:00 on Wednesday, 16 May, 2018. Free entrance, seats are available on a first come, first served basis.





Screening of “Tangerines” (Estonia)

The Embassy of Estonia in Baku is pleased to invite you to the screening of the movie “Tangerines” within the framework of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival on 16 May, 21:30 at the YARAT Centre. The movie will be screened in Russian with English subtitles and the screening will be free of charge.

Description of the movie:
War in Georgia, Apkhazeti region in 1992. An Estonian man Ivo has stayed behind to harvest his crops of tangerines. In a bloody conflict at his door, wounded men are left behind, one from each side, and Ivo is forced to take them in…