Workshop of Hungarian Architect, Varga Piroska


In the framework of “Fantazia Festival”
Workshop with Hungarian Architect Varga Piroska/

The entrance will be free of charges.
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08 November 14:30 University of Architecture and Construction

How preserve and restore our built heritage?
Importance of saving historical monuments


Project manager:

Varga Piroska

Description of workshop:

This workshop invites participation with interest in preserve and restore our built heritage. The workshop aims to raise importance on these values, showing visions and giving inspirations for the future primarily regarding to built heritage, the intangible heritage and cultural heritage. Urban heritage is of vital importance for our cities – now and in the future. Tangible and intangible urban heritage are sources of social cohesion, factors of diversity and divers creativity, innovation and urban regeneration.

Lately, the center of Baku also became the cultural and the economical center.
Developing a city and protecting its built heritage and conserving the local traditional  for future generations present a real challenge for developers, architects, and investors.

The participant will have possibilities to try how we can analysis to get more acquainted with the city center. Based on the analyses to develope a restore and preservation conception plan for a chosen building.  We have possibilities to improve our capacities for using their unused, yet invaluable cultural heritage and resources.  Our solution is ground-breaking in utilizing crowd as a main source of data on the buildings and lands, and public needs and demand, thereby creating a crowd sourced database of suitable unused properties.


Program of workshop:

15 min – introduction, presentation and questions for work, that the students can work on in in the site

30 min – analyse the site

45 min – to work and discuss the  investigation, create own proposal in group

15 min  -discuss and present the result each group

site tour