Baku – Black City, White City Photo Exhibition


Baku IdeaLab invites you to the exhibition “Baku – Black City, White City”, presented by Onno Kervers, The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands!

The purpose of the exhibition is to show the different aspects of Baku’s architectural heritage.
One face of the exhibition is the lands by the oil industry, and the other side is the manifestation of the new Baku-urbanization. At the same time, black and white photographs will be used to describe this beautiful and glamorous atmosphere at the exhibition. Thus, the exhibition will present photos of the historical prism of the city reflecting modern Baku, and the photographer will present the contrast of the capital: modern buildings, ancient buildings, and Soviet-era buildings.

The exhibition will be followed by Mr. Ambassador’s introduction to his work and photography. Mr. Ambassador will share the moments which have changed the direction of His practice and artistic path. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into talks about hidden Baku communities and unseen places that exist just off the beaten path of our everyday lives.

Onno Kervers – Born in 1955 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He holds an international law degree from Leiden and has been Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Azerbaijan since 2016. He has lived in Istanbul for five years and has developed himself in this direction by moving to street photography inspired by Ara Guler. While living in Venezuela, he was influenced by Ansel Adams so his interest in landscape photography increased. In December 2017, Landmark launched his first exhibition celebrating moments in Rotunda.

Date and Time: 26 September 2019, 19:00

Venue: Baku IdeaLab, Jafar Jabbarly 44, Caspian Plaza III, 3rd floor.